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No.1 product among shearing cutters
A cutter with a 60-years tradition and innovation

The shearing cutter “AC” cuts various rubber materials, including hard, soft and sticky. In addition, metal foil and resin materials can be cut with a clean cross-section resulting in less powder and fewer burrs.

Cut various materials with precision

A wide range of materials can be cut in a variety of ways, including long-length cutting for roll materials and cutting for sheet materials. The cutting length can be set up to 8000mm in 0.01mm units with a high precision roll feeding mechanism performed by an AC servo motor.

Long-lasting use with a short delivery time

This machine has the shortest delivery time across all our series. Shear blades are polished at our company and can be used for a long time. “AC” is a shearing cutter that encompasses Ogino Seiki’s 60 years of experience and technology.

Our catalog explains the cutting method, product list, and ordering process.

The table allows you to see which cutting machine works best on which material.