Case studies

Case studies

Shear cutting copper foil for printed boards

Copper foil for printed boards is included in printed wiring boards found in most electronic devices. Our cutter has perfected the process of unrolling the copper foil and cutting it to a certain length. Since the copper foil is extremely thin, fine particles are usually produced during the normal shear cutting process, resulting in the product being unusable for printed wiring boards. However, we have perfected the process by adding the precision machining method on both upper and lower blades to prevent fine particles being produced.

Shear cutting before press molding

In order to make rubber products using compression press molding, it is necessary to first cut the lump of rubber to a certain size and then to put the material in the press mold. Our cutting machine is utilized in the cutting process. Since it holds a heavy-duty specification that requires almost no maintenance, it is ideal for small quantities and different kinds of rubber molding production. Even sticky rubber can be dealt with efficiently and some customers have been using our product for over 40 years.

Pelletization of hot melt by rotary cutter (pelletizer)

Hot melt is an adhesive that melts when heated. It is used in adhesion of building materials, bookbinding cardboard, etc. Our cutter is used in the process of cutting hot melt discharged as strands into pellets. Since it is a rotary cutter, high-speed continuous cutting is possible in accordance with the speed from the hot melt manufacturing machine without stopping the material feed.

Our catalog explains the cutting method, product list, and ordering process.

The table allows you to see which cutting machine works best on which material.