NZ Model


Press cutters with table feeding mechanism

■High speed and high precision cutting
A quiet linear motor is mounted so customers can set the cutting length with a unit precision level of 0.001mm.

■Large color touchscreen display
Good visibility and operability

■Ultra-low speed cutting system
Slow cutting with a thin blade minimizes impact and makes cracks less likely to happen.

■Blade height adjustment mechanism
The blade height can be adjusted by 0.001mm.

■Lower dead point multi-step function
As an option, multiple bottom dead center points can be set in the same program.

Applicable materials


Cutting dimensionsMaximum cut width560mm560mm1140mm
Maximum cut length520mm1100mm1100mm
Dimension setting unit0.001mm
Cutting speedMaximum cutting speed280spm280spm210spm
Automatic cutting speed switching functionPresence (10-speed)
Superlow speed cutting functionPresence (3-speed)
FeedingFeed driveLinear motor
Maximum table feeding speed (m/min)30m/min
Cutting stroke540mm1140mm1140mm
Electrical controlsControl panelTouch screen (12.1 inch size)
Cutter motor capacity2.9kW2.9kW5.5kW
Cutter motor typesAC servo motor※1
Number of channels for program registration500CH
Cut depth adjustmentCut depth adjustment methodTouch screen input
Cut depth adjustment unit0.001mm
Fine adjustment of cut depth left and right balanceTouch screen input
Automatic switching between full/half cuttingPresence
Fixing materialPneumatic clamp (push button control)Presence
Electrical power supply specificationMain circuit breaker capacity50A 3P AC200V 50/6050A 3P AC200V 50/6060A 3P AC200V 50/60
MiscellaneousUsable bladesRazor blades
OP (thin blades)
Installable Thomson die sizeOP(400W×110L)OP(400W×110L)Not installable
Mechanical dimensions2050L×1100W×1400H2900L×1100W×1400H2900L×1720W×1525H
Total weight1000kg1100kg1650kg
FeaturesMechanical performance★★★★★
Function extensibility★★★★★

By using AC servos, the rotation speed accuracy, bottom dead center accuracy and operation response (shortened tact time) can be improved over induction

Our catalog explains the cutting method, product list, and ordering process.

The table allows you to see which cutting machine works best on which material.