RT1-12NF Model


Rotary type with roll feeding mechanism.

■Smooth cross-section
No fines.

■High productivity
High-speed cutting without stopping the material feed.

■Variable cutting
You can change the rotation speed of the rotor and the feed speed of the rolls will also be changed to cut at a constant length.

Use case

■Carbon fiber

■Manufacturing of pellets (paint and hot melt)

■Cylindrical rubber

Applicable materials


Model RT1-12NF
Cutting dimensions Maximum cut width 1200mm
Cut length 1~1000mm
Dimension setting unit 0.01mm
Cutting speed Maximum cutting speed
Synchronization function of feed speed to cut speed
Feeding Feed drive
Maximum feeding speed
Electrical controls Control panel
Cutter motor capacity
Cutter motor types
Feed roll mechanism Roll height adjustment method
Roll clearance adjustment
Operating environment Electric capacity
Miscellaneous Usable blades Shear blades・Rotary blades
Number of blades (blades) 1
Mechanical dimensions 1380L×1880W× 1420H
Total weight 1700kg
Features Mechanical performance
Function extensibility

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