RT4-0600 Model


Rotary type with roll feeding mechanism.

■Quiet mechanism

■Smooth cross-section

■Ultra-high-speed cutting



■Dancer roll

■Exit transportation conveyor

Use case

■Carbon fiber

■Pellet (paint, hot melt)

■Rubber tube


■Unvulcanized rubber for tires

■Trimming materials

Applicable materials


Cutting dimensionsMaximum cut width600mm
Cut length1~30mm
Dimension setting unit0.01mm
Cutting speedMaximum cutting speed4000spm
Synchronization function of feed speed to cut speedPresence
FeedingFeed driveInduction motor・servo motor
Maximum feeding speed30m/min
Electrical controlsControl panelPush button control
Cutter motor capacity1.5kW
Cutter motor typesInduction motor・servo motor
Feed roll mechanismRoll height adjustment methodAir cylinder
Roll clearance adjustmentOP (screw stopper type)
Electrical power supply specificationMain circuit breaker capacity20A 3P AC200V 50/60
MiscellaneousUsable bladesShear blades・Rotary blades
Number of blades (blades)4
Mechanical dimensions1000L×1600W× 1450H
Total weight800kg
FeaturesMechanical performance
Function extensibility

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